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Archers are the first ranged class introduced in Castle Story. They have been replaced with the Archer Weapon Kit in the latest version of the game. In the second demonstration released, Sauropod shows off both the Archer and the Knight. It seems that Archers can one hit Corruptrons, though it is also said that damage may vary with other bows. This also suggests customizable equipment for Bricktrons.

Following the Steam Early Access build, Archers are confirmed to be able to slay Corruptrons with a single shot, though customizable equipment remains the realm of speculation.


Archers boast the impressive ability to bring down foes with one shot, and as such tend to form the bulk of a players military, especially once their Castle is well fortified. However, Archers wear only a hat for physical protection, meaning that more than a single blow from a Corruptron is fatal. Warriors should thus be used to screen Archers, as their vastly superior health lets them endure far more damage before succumbing.

In addition, Warriors have the added benefit of pinning a Corruptron in place while fighting it. Normally, Archers have to rely on a bit of luck to help them hit their targets, as Corruptrons are almost constantly on the move, but Archers will unfailingly hit a stationary target. Thus, a combined arms strategy is most effective, enabling your military to defeat foes who greatly outnumber them.

Archers should also be positioned atop walls, as this affords them much more time to shoot at attackers, even ones who are attempting to breach the wall itself.


Sauropod Studio mentioned that Archer damage output would vary with other types of bows, which has lead to much speculation regarding equipment customization and, in turn, equipment crafting, as Bricktrons currently spawn with all the tools their class requires.

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