A Bricktron Archer.


An archer is a Bricktron ranged unit that can fire arrows at Corruptrons when they come into range. They are one of the two brickton classes that defend the castle (alongside the knight). They can be spawned at the crystal, just like every other Bricktron. Archers are vital when it comes to defending the crystal because they can easily wipe out corruptrons in one shot as long as they hit. Archers can still miss shots, but still have decent accuracy. Archers are able to friendly fire other Bricktrons except for knights, making it best for archers to stay on high ground.

Because archers are only ranged unites, they are helpless in melee range. They will try to shoot, but will get interrupted upon recieving damage. For the regular Corruptrons, they can throw rocks that were left on the ground, making archers fall to the ground, exposing them to the many waves of Corruptrons.


Each archer carries a wooden bow, along with a a quiver full of blue or red feathered arrows on their back and an archer hat on their head.


  • Because archers are ranged units, they are best places on walls or behind knights. They are able to kill a Corruptron in one hit, and have reasonable accuracy, range, and rate of fire.
  • Use the cleanup task often so that the Corruptrons cannot throw rocks at your archers.
  • Make sure to spawn many archers to prepare for Wave 3. This will help take down Big Corruptrons faster to prevent them from harming other Bricktrons or the crystal.


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