A simple Bricktron

A Brickton is a little yellow creature that inhabits the world of Castle Story. They are spawned from the blue Home Crystal. They evolved from rock, first gaining eyes, then limbs, then their bright yellow color. Three professions have been confirmed which the Bricktron can do: Workers, Knights, and Archers. These Bricktons are the lifeblood of the game. Without them, the player would not be able to progress.

Little is known of the Brickton's origins, but researchers have discovered they are minions to help you progress throughout the game. The basic necessities that the Brickton should build first is the Stockpile. These yellow guys can harvest anything and store them here.

More surprising things are that these Bricktons have a mind of their own. They can walk around, ponder about their life mysteries, and even jump off cliffs!


  • Since Bricktons count other Bricktons as obstacles, always be sure to keep them away from whatever construction job you have queued.


  • Rarely, Bricktons will ignore whether or not there is ground in front of them and run directly to their destination resulting in them walking off the edge of platforms or islands, leading to their death.
  • Sometimes, 'Bricktons' will not follow your orders when you command them to do something.
  • At times, Bricktons can get stuck in each other. An easy way to fix this is by selecting both Bricktrons and commanding them to move.
  • Rarely, when you call all Bricktron workers to your crystal while they are mining, they get stuck in the mine and cannot be selected. When this occurs, they constantly play a picking up and placing sound.


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