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  • Kacj321

    What's Ahead of Us

    January 16, 2012 by Kacj321

    Sauropod Studio: Whats Ahead of Us

    "Another week has passed. We’ve spent this one thinking, planning, scheming and generally laughing maniacally like mad scientists. Our master plan for world domination is gradually coming together, and let me tell you, it will be awesome.

    So until now we’ve kept everyone in the dark. Something like two thirds of our emails end with a question mark, and most of those emails contain words like “when can I play?”, “Y U no give BETA?” and “give me your game or I KILL YOU!”. Okay, maybe not that last one. Actually, most of the emails were pretty polite and very encouraging, and we are grateful for this.

    But seriously, we know that we need to answer the question ASAP. But the truth is: we’re not ready to release and alpha. We never planned on releasing an alpha at this point, so the game in it’s current state is completely unplayable. Our priority is to give you the best possible game, so giving you the current (and totally borked) build of the game would bre…

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  • Kacj321

    On December the 24st the gaming community got a early Christmas Present, Castle Story programmer François Alain announced Castle Story a RTS set in a world of flying islands, and with the announcement came 11 minuets of footage showing off some off the game.

    And with the announcement of Castle Story came the birth of this Wikia. A Wikia devote on becoming the one stop shop for all the Castle Story needs.

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