A fully built castle

Your castle, or base, is one of the main components of Castle Story. Using your Bricktrons and resources, you must build a castle to hold off the things that go bump in the night. In the first video showing Castle Story, we saw the Bricktrons work toward creating a castle. In order to make and add onto them, they used 1x1x2 Stone Blocks. While little is known on the subject, castles will likely serve as a way to keep your Bricktrons safe during attacks (presumed). While castles can be built up, they can also be destroyed. Proof of this lies near the end of the December 24th video where Germain destroys the castle with a barrel of explosives. Castles are very usefull and provide shelter, fortifacation, and to place recources inside. You can make a castle out of the following blocks:

1x2 brick

1x1 brick





and so so. The game also lets you enter a sandbox mode where no corruptrons attack and there is no time limit.


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