Bricktron knight

A Bricktron Knight standing down.

A knight is a Bricktron melee unit that can defend against Corruptrons when they come into range. Knights can be spawned using souls at the crystal, just like every other Bricktron. Unlike other Bricktrons, the knight has a larger amount of health. Knights can be set to defend a position, meaning they will not move and will instead attack any Corruptrons that come into close range. This is good for blocking a Corruptron from reaching its destination. Because knights have a somewhat weak attack, they are best in numbers.


Knights appear to wear a knight helmet and wield a sword and shield.


  • Bricktron knight can easily be overwhelmed when getting attacked by many Corruptrons at once. Try to reinforce your knights with other defensive Bricktrons.
  • Knights are not affective at fighting Big Corruptrons because they can be destroyed by Big Corruptrons in very few blows. Make sure to support your knights with Archers or make your knights retreat after being hit.


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