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Lumber task instruct Bricktron Workers to chop down trees in the radius turning them into wood. Workers will also take any wood from the radius and put it into stockpiles. Workers will collect any loose wood before chopping down more trees.


Select Workers.png

Select Workers
Select all Bricktrons doing this task.

Set Position.png

Set Position
Move this zone to another location

Set Radius.png

Set Radius
Manually set this zone's radius

Pause Work.png

Stop-Start Working
Pause-Unpause all assigned workers.


Delete Task
Remove this group and unassign its Bricktrons.

Remove All Workers.png

Remove All Workers
Unassign all Bricktrons from this task.


Shows the radius of the task and the number of trees within the radius.

Worker Command[]

These commands are available when a Bricktron Worker is selected.

Leave Task.png

Leave Task
Unassign selected Bricktron from this task.

Join Task.png

Join Task
Assign selected Bricktron to this task.