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Mines are a type of task which instructs workers to create open sky mines. Their main purpose is for gathering stone, blue crystals and orange crystals, but they can also be used for digging vertical shafts that branch out into tunnels.

Survival mode[]

In survival mode the mining and tunneling tasks are unavailable. Instead the map has predefined mines which workers can be assigned to. These mines are not dug by Bricktrons the way normal mines are. Workers simply walk into the mine, then emerge a sort time later with carrying stones or crystals.


Setup commands[]

The commands may only be used when initially placing the mine and may become unavailable once work on the mine has been started.


Rotate Stairs
This command rotates the mine's stairs between their possible positions. Which positions are allow may be limited by the terrain. Allowed positions are indicated by the yellow squares outside the corners of the mine task, while the current position is highlighted blue.

Set Position.png

Set Position
This command allows the player to re-position the mine task.

Plus.png Minus.png

Increase/Decrease Length/Width/Depth
These commands allow the player to define the volume to be mined. Changing these may change the position of the mine's stairs.


Delete Task
Deletes the mining task.

General commands[]

These are the commands available once work on the mining task has been started.

Select Workers.png

Select Workers
Selects the workers assigned to this task.

Plus.png Minus.png

Increase/Decrease Depth
Increase or decrease the depth of the mine respectively. The mines dept cannot be decreased if any of the voxels at the current dept have already been mined.

Pause Work.png

Pause Work
Pauses work on this task. Workers assigned to the task will stop what they are doing and stand in place.

Remove All Workers.png

Remove All Workers
Removes all the workers from this mine task.


Delete Task
Deletes the mining task.

Worker commands[]

These commands are available when workers are selected.

Join Task.png

Join Task
The selected worker(s) will join the mining task.

Leave Task.png

Leave Task
The selected worker(s) will leave the mining task.