• An icon for interacting with miners.
  • 2 Miners and a Woodcutter.
  • Resource bins. Where miners deposit resources.
  • Resource Bins and a Mine
  • A pickaxe
A Miner is a Bricktron who digs mines or tunnels (which are sideways mines). They will dig out the ground, one voxel at a time in specified spots. Each broken voxel gives stone, which can be turned into bricks after being stockpiled. Sometimes, stone can drop crystals when mined, which can be placed in a barrel and then taken to the bigger crystals and turned into a new bricktron. The barrels can also be blown up when crystals are inside.

Little is known about classes in Castle Story.


  • Rarely, when you call all Bricktrons to your crystal while they are mining in a survival Mineshaft, they get stuck in the mine and cannot be selected. When this occurs, they constantly play a picking up and placing sound. You can stop the annoying sound by right click + leave task, however you can no longer use this Bricktron anymore.
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