Orange Crystal
Orange Crystal.png
Stored in: Barrel, Stockpile

Orange Crystal, now known as Brimstone is one of the five basic types of Resources which can be gathered in Castle Story. Like Stone and Iron, it is extracted from the ground via the Tunnel or Quarry commands. It is a naturally luminescent substance which also possesses explosive properties.


In order to acquire Brimstone for use, a Bricktron must first mine it from the ground or gather it from surface deposits. In Sandbox mode, the substance can only be found in layers of raw stone, which begins occurring two layers beneath the surface. Blocks which contain crystals have large orange octagonal gems visible within them. For Survival mode, Brimstone appears in large orange crystals on the surface, or randomly in underground blocks.

Additionally, small quantities of Orange Crystal can be dropped by a Corruptron upon its demise, usually 4 or 5 units worth.

Brimstone can be stored in a stockpile in a manner similar to stone, but it does not convert to anything once the pile reaches its capacity of 80. Each Barrel can hold up to 10 units of crystal.


Bricktrons use Brimstone to create light sources, such as Torches or Lanterns. Each Torch or Lantern constructed requires the use of 10 units of Brimstone, along with which Lanterns need a Block of stone. It is not yet known what effect light sources have beyond decoration, as they do not seem to prevent Corruptron spawns in Survival mode.

As of the crafting update, Brimstone is the primary fuel of Furnaces. Bricktrons will automatically fuel active furnaces from nearby Brimstone stockpiles.

Brimstone also features a military application, as any barrel it is stored in gains the ability to detonate, with an amount of destructive force equivalent to the quantity stored within. The barrel is, obviously, completely consumed in the process, along with anything else stored within. With proper timing, they can be used as booby traps or, if a player has invested in a Catapult, as ammunition. It is also possible to use these barrels as mining charges to blast out large areas and quickly gain access to all the materials within the blast radius. Currently, it is unknown if or how much of the resources are destroyed in the blast.


  • In the earliest builds of Castle Story, Orange Crystal was not necessary to create explosives, as Barrels were explosive by their own accord.
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