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Two Bricktrons cutting down a tree as seen in the Trailer.

Found in mass numbers on floating islands, trees can be cut down into three wood logs and do not need a drop off point in order to be used. They are the key ingredient in making Stockpiles and Barrels.

To cut down trees you will need to order your Bricktron with the task menu.


  • Trees drop only 3 logs.
  • As of the prototype, falling tree will not harm a Bricktron.
  • Trees are the most valuable resource currently in the game, as you are required to create stockpiles and barrels to obtain other resources for use.
  • They somehow cannot be blown up, as of prototype


  • For the new Bricktrons, if you command multiple Bricktrons to chop down the same tree, the tree will duplicate itself as it is being chopped.


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