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Weapon kits allow Bricktron workers to equip themselves with gear to fight effectively. Weapon kits are stored on weapon racks. To equip a Bricktron with a weapon kit, there must first be a weapon rack with at least one available kit stored on it. Then, select the desired Bricktrons and either right click on said weapon rack, or open the radial menu on the weapon rack and select "Equip Content". To return the weapon kit after use, either right click on the rack again, or open the radial menu and select "Unequip Tools".

Types[ | ]

Some kits have unique abilites, which can be played as a support role to the heavy hitters.

Alchemist Kit[ | ]

Alchemists throw bombs that deal area of effect damage and break walls, and crafted in the laboratory with 3 fabric rolls and 30 brimstone.

Arbalist Kit[ | ]

Arbalists are slower, but deal high damage at a very long range, and crafted in the machine shop with 2 iron ingots, 1 rope coil, 1 fabric and 2 cogs.

Archer Kit[ | ]

Archers are inexpensive, versatile long range units, and crafted in the workbench with 2 planks, 1 rope and 1 fabric.

Artificer Kit[ | ]

Artificers can either throw ranged projectiles with their staff or heal allies, and crafted in the altar with 1 plank, 80 brimstone, 1 iron ingot, 2 fabric and 1 glass.

Halberdier Kit[ | ]

Halberdiers are inexpensive melee combatants with high speed, and crafted in the workbench with 1 plank and 1 iron ingot.

Knight Kit[ | ]

Knights are slow but robust melee units, their block ability excels against projectiles, and crafted in the forge with 5 iron ingots.